The success of early language immersion programs has been shown over the years in multiple studies.

  1. Students who begin learning a second language before the age of six have been shown to develop native fluency in all realms of the language (speaking, listening, reading, and writing), surpassing the abilities of students who begin language immersion in mid-elementary or later.

  2. Students in immersion programs have been shown to enhance attentional and executive function abilities.

  3. The cognitive skills developed when learning a second language show benefits across the curriculum. Interestingly, students who learn a second language from an early age have been shown to have improved language scores in their native language, often performing above grade level after three years of education in a language immersion program.

  4. Responsive Classroom is an approach to building a learning environment that focuses on helping students develop social-emotional competencies as well as academic competencies that are essential for success in life. These competencies are cooperation, assertiveness, responsibility, empathy, self-control, academic mindset, perseverance, learning strategies, and academic behaviors.

  5. The largest study on Responsive Classroom found that Responsive Classroom was most effective in individual classes when the overall school climate was supportive of and reinforced Responsive Classroom strategies consistency.

  6. The same study found that student academic outcomes in schools that implement Responsive Classroom were improved significantly for all students, including low-income students and with a particularly strong effect for students who had been low-achieving students.

  7. Another study on cost-benefit of social-emotional learning found that Responsive Classroom has a nine-to-one dollar benefit based on student gains in math and reading by 5th grade when Responsive Classroom is used in grades 3-5.

  8. Responsive Classroom is used effectively school-wide by several schools in Washington, DC, including Two Rivers Public Charter School, Hyde-Addison Elementary School, and Hearst Elementary School. WAPCS founders believe that adopting and implementing Responsive Classroom as a major part of our pillar of having a Positive School Culture will provide a framework for supporting the diverse, fundamental social-emotional needs of our young scholars.


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