We believe that the intellectual promise of each student is enhanced in a multi-lingual community that incorporates and celebrates diversity. We challenge students to think critically and creatively, to know themselves as learners developing into global citizens in a joyful environment.



Our vision is to use language to develop compassionate, multilingual scholars as powerful global advocates for social change.



  • Language Immersion: Arabic-English

WAPCS will be an Arabic-English immersion school with a commitment to learning through inquiry in both languages. Through a dual-language curriculum, WAPCS will create an immersion environment,that invests and fosters the belief in the power of language to bring people together. WAPCS will prepare multi-lingual learners to achieve the Seal of Biliteracy in the future.

  • Diversity By Design

WAPCS will foster inclusion and celebration of cultures and experiences of all students. WAPCS will seek to reflect DC’s rich ethnic, racial, economic, and experiential diversity in its student body. Learning among others of diverse  backgrounds, gives students the gift of seeing, playing, learning and experiencing the perspectives of others thus broadening their global awareness including the understanding of both the Arabic language and the rich cultures of the Arab world. 

  • Global Citizenship

WAPCS will build on the rich diversity of the DC student population by educating students not only about their own history and culture but also by exposing them to the rich history and culture of diverse global communities. WAPCS will foster in students a respect for a global perspective.

  • Positive School Culture

WAPCS will be a warm, welcoming, joyful environment that celebrates its diversity of  learners. WAPCS will use Responsive Classroom to shape the school culture, in individual classrooms and in the school at large, as well as evidence-based methods of instruction to ensure that all students have a positive experience of being included in learning according to their abilities and needs.

  • Strong Self-Identity

WAPCS students will build a strong sense of self-identity through drawing self-portraits, Who am I lessons and activities, sharing during daily Morning Meetings, Friday All School Meetings, personal reflection time embedded throughout the school day, family and community cultural events. Through their strong sense of self-identity, students will show agency in their learning.

  • Character development

In alignment with Responsive Classroom Core Beliefs, WAPCS students will “learn a set of social and emotional competencies—cooperation, assertiveness, responsibility, empathy, and self-control—and a set of academic competencies—academic mindset, perseverance, learning strategies, and academic behaviors.”

  • Life-long learner

WAPCS students will learn in a community of staff, families, and students that encourage a growth mindset in every aspect of their day so that all feel comfortable making mistakes, learning from mistakes to grow and change. Through this growth mindset, students will be risk-takers and inquire about topics of interest.


WAPCS believes that every human being is an individual who needs opportunities to be curious and inquire about their environment, opportunities for their voice to be heard as active participants in the learning community, opportunities to engage with people from other cultures to make meaningful connections and become more empathetic. WAPCS believes that being multilingual while using critical thinking is the key to understanding more about the world.


WAPCS is committed to facilitating equity learning discussions with families, staff, and students in acknowledging our own implicit biases in our school community. Identifying racism and implicit bias within educational institutions and education policy in DC and acknowledging how it creates systemic power imbalances and affects how our students are educated. WAPCS will seek to dismantle traditional schools using the dominant culture to educate our students. Instead, WAPCS will fully incorporate equity within our decision-making by including all voices of our community and hire teachers who will use culturally responsive instructional practices. In order to redefine the status quo and advance racial equity within our school, WAPCS, its faculty, and board as individuals are committed to:

  • Acknowledging and disrupting implicit and explicit bias in ourselves, our school and the greater school community

  • Exemplifying equitable practices, policies, and procedures

  • Examining who has power and redistributing it as we strategize and make decisions

  • Working for a policy change that clears obstacles to culturally responsive education within the classroom and creates access to a powerful, outward-looking, multilingual education for its students

Raising Hands


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